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Meredith Atwood Community & Coaching
Meredith Atwood

Welcome to MACC!

The New Community Created for YOU. FREE, but exclusive. Membership requests are manually reviewed.

About the Community

Back in 2010, I started a little blog called "Swim Bike Mom" (back when people read blogs 🤩), and it grew into a really cool community in the sport of triathlon and fitness.

Fast forward to 2018, I was no longer doing triathlon and also sort of pulled in my reigns and went inside a shell to write my next book, The Year of No Nonsense.

I spent the next year promoting the book (during a pandemic!) and coaching my small roster of one-on-one clients (who I love!).

However, I realized that I greatly missed the larger, diverse community that triathlon afforded ....AND that I could do something about missing a community. 

I could take control of my own world OFF of the tired Facebook groups, off Instagram, and into a more private, inclusive and safe space - and CREATE a community once again.

So here we are! An inclusive space for those who are interested in bettering their lives. (See below on disclaimer on acceptance into the community.)

Meredith Atwood Coaching and Community (MACC) is officially launched. 🚀 

Why You Should Join Me

I created MACC to provide a NEW space for you and community. A welcoming place not in the social media trenches.

I believe we are all experiencing fatigue around general social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Weariness around the rat race that are online courses and groups, to-do lists, 30-day challenges and programs. 

I know I am fatigued... and I LIVE and LOVE this world.

I created MACC to provide a NEW space for you. A place that you can access ONLY when you want to go there. You have to CLICK ON THE COMMUNITY on your mobile or enter it in your web browser--and therefore, it loses the intrusive nature of most social media platforms ("I just got on here to check one thing, and three hours has passed!").

You come play on MACC when you want to.  No guilt, no pressure, no fatigue.

I want to add to your productivity, not take away.
I want MACC to give you a sense of belonging, not the other way around.
I want motivation and joy to flow here--not guilt and "should do" and "I'm falling behind."

This is a place to ebb and flow, come in and out, but know that you always have a home for inspiration, love and support.

The Community is FREE to join and participate in. 

Within the Community, you will have access to join paid group coaching, mastermind options and training plan options if you really want to dig in. 


Acceptance into the Community

Please note that not everyone will be automatically approved. 

Due to the nature and goal of this being a safe and productive space - that includes a safe space for your host and creator as well. 

I reserve the right to accept or deny admittance to the community for any reason to keep the experience the best possible for the Community... and me. 💜